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What sort of braces are suitable for adults?

You might not realise it, but the treatment options for adults are much the same as for children and teens. There’s one big difference, however, when you’re considering orthodontic treatment as an adult, you get more choice in your treatment type.

The type of braces mostly comes down to your particular treatment needs, your budget and your preference over treatment style.

Some discreet mechanisms for straightening adult teeth with braces include lingual braces and ceramic braces. Many adults also opt for clear aligners, such as Invisalign, as they are one of the most subtle in appearance.

I’m an adult, why would I get braces?

There are various reasons people choose to get braces past their teens and not all of them are purely cosmetic. There’s no real difference between getting your teeth ‘fixed’ as an adult, compared to during teenage years. People generally see the orthodontist as a child, or teen, because it’s more conventional, and corrections can be made before larger problems arise. However, getting orthodontic treatment as an adult, is no more painful or difficult than at a younger age.

What are the benefits of getting braces as an adult?

Adults can suffer from many of the same symptoms as children and teenagers, such as crooked teeth, gaps, overbites and so on. Whether these symptoms have developed during adult life, or went unaddressed in younger years, there’s no better time get a consultation and straighten out your smile as an adult.

In many ways, getting braces as an adult can be easier than at a younger age. Firstly, you’re probably a bit more sensible and conscientious than you used to be, meaning you’ll follow orthodontic advice more carefully and really make the most of your treatment. You may also be in a better financial position, allowing you to choose a more discreet type of treatment than you would have had as a child.

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