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What is an openbite?

An openbite occurs when the upper and lower front teeth don’t meet evenly when your jaw is closed. This creates an open gap between upper and lower teeth, giving the appearance that your mouth is slightly open.

An openbite can be caused by abnormal jaw growth, often hereditary. Openbites can be affected by, and cause, abnormal tongue habits, such as pushing your tongue against your front teeth.

Problems associated with an openbite

Openbites, if left untreated, can cause and lead to the following problems:

  • eating difficulties
  • biting difficulties
  • chewing difficulties
  • speech issues
  • abnormal tongue habits
  • severe wear and pain of your back teeth
  • in some cases an openbite can worsen jaw joint problems

Can an openbite be fixed with braces?

In most cases, openbites can be fixed by orthodontic treatment, such as traditional braces. Some open bites are best treated with plastic aligners such as Invisalign even in teenagers. Dr Whittle will help you find the best solution for your openbite concerns.