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What causes crooked teeth?

The causes of crooked teeth can vary from patient to patient, person to person. Teeth can develop incorrectly for a number of reasons, including genetic influences, jaw growth deformities, patient habits, obstructed airways/chronic mouth breathing and other serious oral health conditions.

When should I seek treatment for crooked teeth?

Once adult teeth start emerging, around 7-8 years old, it’s a good idea to organise a consultation. Early, preventative treatment, can help avoid lengthier, more extreme treatment later on.

However, it’s worth noting that crooked teeth can be easily treated during teenage and adult years too. Teeth naturally shift over time so there’s a chance that many adults might require orthodontic treatment to correct crooked teeth, even if they didn’t receive treatment at a younger age.

Can you correct crooked bottom teeth?

Crooked bottom teeth can usually be treated using the same methods as your top teeth. It’s possible to treat the bottom teeth, without have treatment on your top teeth. Following a consultation, Dr Whittle will be able to advise you on the best treatment type based on your needs.