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Dr Sam Whittle

Incognito braces

Lingual orthodontics give a full-spectrum treatment to straighten crooked teeth without any visible signs you are wearing braces.

Dr Sam Whittle uses the Incognito treatment system, under which braces are fixed to the inside surface of your teeth. They are out of sight, which means you can smile with confidence, knowing no one can see them while you are undergoing your orthodontic treatment.

What is the number one benefit?

Incognito braces fit your lifestyle. They are hidden and are comfortable because they conform perfectly to your teeth to maximise efficiency.

Our patients tell us people are surprised to find out they are wearing braces because they can’t see them and would not otherwise have known if they weren’t told.

Incognito braces

Dr Whittle uses cutting-edge digital technology to individually design Incognito braces for your teeth, with the brackets being made from gold alloy using revolutionary digital printing. They have a high success rate because they are comfortable and their work can often be done in a shorter period of time than other lingual systems.

These invisible braces are effective in refreshing any smile, including dental issues such as correction of all types of incorrect tooth positions and crooked teeth, spaces between teeth, and bite problems.

Incognito braces are suitable for older adolescents, young professionals and the older demographic who want to keep their teeth for life.

What is Incognito Lite?

The Incognito Lite teeth straightening system helps you achieve a refreshed smile and straight teeth by targeting the teeth that need to be corrected. This system is popular with patients whose bite is normal but want to aesthetically fix the front 6–8 top and bottom teeth.

Incognito braces are the invisible alternative to traditional braces and your orthodontist Dr Whittle, from Corinna St Orthodontics in Canberra, can show you how they can straighten crooked teeth and help you smile with confidence. Call the practice to make an appointment.


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