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Invisible braces

Modern dentistry has reinvented teeth-straightening appliances so they appear invisible. These treatment options work to fix the underlying dental issues and also help to enhance our patients’ physical appearance during the treatment.

There are various types of ‘invisible’ treatment options including:

  • lingual braces that are attached to your teeth, such as Incognito braces
  • an aligner system, such as Invisalign.

Lingual braces

Placed on the back of your teeth, lingual braces allow you to receive treatment without anyone knowing you are wearing braces. They are just like standard braces but the brackets and wires fit to the back of the teeth instead of the front.

It is a popular treatment and gets top results for our patients.

Incognito braces

Dr Sam Whittle uses Incognito lingual braces. More than 101,000 people worldwide have had braces without anyone knowing because of this system. It is important to speak with Dr Whittle about your treatment and straightening your teeth, however, the main benefits of Incognito braces may help if you:

  • are concerned about wearing braces that are visible and attached to the front of your teeth
  • want to uphold your professional image for the duration of your treatment
  • don’t want the braces to be noticeable to other people.

There is also the option to target the top or bottom front teeth with Incognito Lite braces, which can re-align the front 6–8 teeth.

The other invisible option is an aligner.


Invisalign is an invisible solution to wearing braces. Custom aligners sit over the teeth to gradually correct crooked teeth or dysfunctional bites. These aligners are similar to a mouthguard or splint, but are clear and so thin they go unnoticed by those around you. They are removable, which means you can take them out to eat or clean your teeth.

Aligners help to treat orthodontic conditions such as bite problems, crowded or widely spaced teeth, and crooked teeth.

Dr Whittle will help determine if invisible braces such as Incognito, or an aligner such as Invisalign, are the right course of treatment for you. For other information about wearing braces, please get in touch with Dr Whittle and the team at Corinna St Orthodontics in Canberra for more information.


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