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Corinna St Orthodontics

Standard braces

With successful results, standard braces are an excellent, robust and highly popular choice of treatment to straighten crooked teeth among a variety of demographics, including children, teenagers and adults.

Our patients find standard braces:

  1. have very small brackets that allow natural tipping movements of teeth, which can shorten treatment time
  2. usually don’t stain if your tooth brushing is adequate
  3. include the option of adding fun colours to your braces at no extra cost
  4. are extremely strong and rarely break
  5. generally look nice even though they are noticeable
  6. have advanced a lot in their time and offer a more streamlined look and feel than they used to
  7. are much more high-tech in this day and age
  8. are the most cost-effective option.

Standard braces, which are a combination of wires and brackets that are attached to the front of your teeth, are successful in treating a complete range of dental concerns, such as:

  • protruding teeth, which are prone to chipping
  • crowded teeth, which can be difficult to brush properly and possibly contribute to tooth decay and gum disease
  • gappy teeth that are a concern
  • bad bites, such as a cross bite, which can contribute to harsh wear and tear, and open bites, which may cause an impediment in your speech, untidy eating habits and jaw joint problems.

Ultimately, Dr Whittle creates more than just a refreshed smile, which is his patients’ number one priority. He also helps create a healthier mouth by fixing the underlying problem to improve your dental health.  It is Dr Whittle’s expertise that is behind your smile.

If you would like to discuss your orthodontic treatment options, including standard braces, ceramic braces, Invisalign, or lingual braces, Canberra orthodontist Dr Sam Whittle would enjoy speaking with you. Please call the practice any time to make an appointment.


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