Corinna St Orthodontics can now offer our full range of orthodontic procedures.
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Corinna St Orthodontics
Orthodontist Near Taylor ACT 2913

Orthodontist Near Taylor ACT 2913

Finest Orthodontist near Taylor ACT 2913

At Corinna St. Orthodontics, we do our very best to provide the best possible orthodontic solutions to anyone who seek our help. Our team is fully capable of handling your individual needs. We offer an array of excellent orthodontic services such as ceramic braces, lingual braces, invisible braces and incognito lingual braces.

Whether you’re searching for preventative assessment and care for your kids or orthodontic service for teenagers or adults, we certainly have what you need.

Good Reasons To Get An Orthodontic Service?

Presented below are only some explanations why you must get an orthodontic treatment.

  1. Misaligned teeth – the problem increases the chances of gum disease among adults.
  2. Crooked or crowded teeth – anyone can have this condition, both adults and kids. This condition can make cleaning much more challenging.
  3. Impacted tooth – this problem arises when a tooth didn’t push through the gums. Teenagers are the most typical sufferers of this problem especially those whose molars failed to erupt. Children are also be predisposed to such a condition.
  4. Malocclusion of the teeth – may come in the form of misaligned teeth. They are also referred to as crowded teeth, crossbite, overbite, underbite or open bite.

In case you have finally decided to seek the help of a local Gungahlin orthodontist, drop by today for an absolutely free consultation. It’s going to be the first step towards having the gorgeous smile that you’ve always wanted.

Here’s What’s Going To Take Place On Your Initial Visit With Us:

You’ll get to meet our staff during your preliminary appointment with us. During this time, you’ll be able to learn more about orthodontics. To determine the most effective orthodontic service for your needs, we will be giving you an initial exam.

Our staff will conduct an extensive oral exam. Our staff might carry out diagnostic assessments such as an x-ray. The results of your diagnostics will be reviewed. We will determine whether you need an orthodontic service and if yes, what sort of treatment will meet your needs. Our team will establish a customized plan of action. Our team will discuss all financial and payment methods.
Meet Dr. Sam Whittle.

Dr. Whittle always dreamed of becoming an orthodontist. His affinity towards repairing crooked teeth and providing individuals with a stunning smile fueled his commitment to service patients in Taylor ACT 2913.

While on the process of finishing his Bachelor’s degree in Dental Surgery at Adelaide University in South Australia, Dr. Whittle served as an Infantry Officer in the Army Reserve. After graduation, he perfected his craft as a Dental Officer in the Royal Australian Navy. He acquired his Master’s Degree in 1992. After 13 years of service in the navy, he then retired as Fleet Dental Surgeon and shifted into private orthodontic practice.

In 2013, he decided to help children, teenagers and young adults have that gorgeous smile when he opened Corinna St. Orthodontics in Taylor ACT 2913.

Where Can You Find Us?

We happily service clients in Taylor ACT 2913 and nearby areas. Apart from serving clients in Canberra, we also give orthodontic solutions to patients in surrounding areas.

Reasons To Turn To Us:

  • You’ll get only the best solutions including orthodontist payment plans.
  • You’ll get your desired goals through our orthodontic treatments, which are performed using state-of-the-art technologies.
  • Our team has the skills and expertise in the field of orthodontics.
  • They are dedicated to helping clients regardless of their age to achieve a beautiful and healthy smile through treatments like braces metal.
  • You will get an attractive smile through our solution-based programs.

Our orthodontic treatments are offered to clients across the ACT. We also help those living in nearby suburbs such as Forde, Franklin, Gungahlin, Harrison, Jacka and Kenny.

Please contact Corinna St. Orthodontics at (02) 6162 0010.


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We have flexible times to cater for your needs.

Phone: (02) 6162 0010


There is plenty of parking in the Westfield Woden complex adjacent to Corinna St Orthodontics, where the first 2 hours parking is free. There is additional parking in the adjacent open car parks, where standard ticket parking fees apply.


Corinna St Orthodontics is a short walk from the Woden bus interchange.