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You can achieve the goal of having a beautiful smile in a way that is both effective and comfortable for you. We at Corrina St Orthodontics derive our satisfaction from making sure your expectations of a lovely smile are achieved. As you go about your duties in the ever growing Gungahlin, make an appointment with us and you will soon be able to share your great smile with family and friends.

Gungahlin is going through exciting times as it continues to expand due to demand for services. The marketplace is the center of attraction for many with its trendy shopping malls and great entertainment spots. We enjoy being around the warm and friendly residents of Gungahlin town center and the quieter suburbs. We therefore invite you to make a date with us for superior orthodontic services, as we are only a short drive away.

Dr Sam Whittle is an experienced orthodontist and has been practicing for over thirty years. When you come in for an appointment, your condition will be diagnosed and the most effective treatment plan recommended for you.

Whether you are in Casey with its gentle slopes or in Harrison, you can come and get the braces that will give you the results you want. By the end of your treatment, your teeth will have been straightened and any facial irregularities will be corrected. You will therefore not only have a great smile, but your facial balance will be on point.

There are many conditions that can be treated through the use of braces. There are conditions that are inherited, such as teeth that have spaces in between, or crowded teeth. Other conditions may be acquired through sucking of fingers or due to an accident. These conditions will cause you to have teeth that are not aligned properly and will also affect the symmetry of your face.

There are a variety of braces that you can pick from depending on your preference and the orthodontist’s recommendation.

  • Customized braces: These are braces that are custom made specifically for your teeth.
  • Standard braces use standard brackets which are attached to your teeth and then connected with a wire.

Customized braces are slightly more expensive than standard braces. If you are on a tight budget, you need not worry as we are here to listen to you and discuss a braces finance plan that will be manageable for you.

Corrina St Orthodontics will ensure that you get your braces conveniently. People come from other Gungahlin suburbs too, like Forde and Amaroo. You can get invisible braces, clear braces, ceramic braces and standard braces. If you are in Nicholls, the neighboring Ngunnawal or any other suburb in Gungahlin, please feel free to come and see us. We will be happy to answer all your questions concerning the different braces available and ensure that you get braces that will give you the best results.

Need to talk to a Orthodontic expert? Call us on (02) 6162 0010 to discuss your needs, or fill our online booking form for an appointment. We’ll contact you to make the arrangements and confirm your appointment.


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There is plenty of parking in the Westfield Woden complex adjacent to Corinna St Orthodontics, where the first 2 hours parking is free. There is additional parking in the adjacent open car parks, where standard ticket parking fees apply.


Corinna St Orthodontics is a short walk from the Woden bus interchange.