Corinna St Orthodontics can now offer our full range of orthodontic procedures.
Social distancing remains vital so we are adjusting our appointment schedule to help minimise COVID-19 risks. Please click to learn how we are responding to this situation.

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We appreciate the growing concern and uneasiness that some of you may be feeling regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. In response to advice we are open however, we remain unable to offer our full range of appointments and must triage the priority for each appointment. Priority will be given to those of you with active appliances. For some appointments, such as retainer checks, a staff member will conduct a phone appointment. We ask for your understanding as we try to give all our patients the highest level of care possible that is appropriate to your situation.

14 May 2020

On Monday this week (11/05/2020) ACT dental practices moved to COVID-19 Level 1 restrictions and Corinna St Orthodontics can now offer our full range of orthodontic procedures. However, we MUST continue to comply with social distancing and minimise the number of people in the practice. This is for your safety and is mandated by the ACT Government to protect you, your families and our staff.

  1. Generally, you will no longer receive an individual phone call to confirm appointments. Please ensure we have an up to date mobile number to send SMS reminders.
  2. Only one accompanying parent with child patients will be permitted in the practice.
  3. Upon arrival, please use the hand sanitiser provided.
  4. Each patient and accompanying parent will have their temperature taken and recorded with a forehead non-contact thermometer.
  5. You will be asked to complete a “Wellness Screen” on an iPad. The answers to this questionnaire apply to each person visiting the practice and must be completed before any patient can be admitted into the clinical area.
  6. Only patients will be permitted into the clinical area. Following your child’s appointment, a member of staff or myself will come out to the reception area to pass important information.

It is important to remain vigilant to the possible signs and symptoms of COVID-19 infection.

If you have been in contact with anyone who has travelled overseas or interstate in the last 14 days you must not come to your appointment; please contact us by phone or email to reschedule.

If you have a fever, cough or other respiratory flu-like symptoms you must not come to an appointment. You must ring your doctor or call ‘Healthdirect’ on 1800 022 222 to seek medical assistance.

Additional signs of potential COVID-19 infection have been advised by the Commonwealth Chief Medical Officer

  • Breathing difficulties
  • The sudden onset of a loss of smell or taste
  • The onset of aching muscles or joints
  • The onset of gastro-intestinal symptoms

If any of these apply to you or a member of your family, please do not attend your appointment but contact us by phone or email and contact your medical practitioner.

In some instances we may continue to offer advice and guidance by phone or email. If you are unsure about what to do or have any concerns, please contact us by phone, email or by contacting your treating medical or dental practitioner. We look forward to continuing to provide you with professional care.

Most potential orthodontic urgencies can be managed at home. While there are steps you can take to temporarily fix or alleviate discomfort and prevent additional damage, you should always contact Corinna St Orthodontics.   It is likely that we can handle most issue over the phone or with the assistance of emailed photographs. For a true emergency, such as severe facial trauma, please go to a Hospital Emergency Department.

During your treatment, it is very important that you look after your orthodontic appliance to reduce the likelihood of problems occurring. Please ensure you:

  • Keep your teeth and gums properly cleaned and healthy as we have instructed.
  • Avoid hard and sticky foods to avoid breakages.
  • Continue to wear your elastics as prescribed

If you have any doubts about the care instructions you were given when your braces or other appliance was fitted, please phone us for clarification. You can handle the most common orthodontic urgencies at home with:

  • Orthodontic relief wax or ‘Extra’ chewing gum
  • Dental floss
  • Disinfected tweezers
  • Q-tips
  • Salt
  • Inter-dental brushes such as
  • Toothpicks
  • Over-the-counter pain reliever (Panadol preferred)
  • Teething Gel such as SM33 or Bonjela

Lost O-ring

‘O’rings are the tiny coloured rubber band (or sometimes a very thin wire ligature), that hold your orthodontic wire in the bracket/brace.  If an o-ring should come off, you may be able to put it back in place using tweezers.  If a wire ligature comes loose, simply remove it with tweezers.   If the wire ligature is sticking out into your lip but is not loose, it can usually be bent back down with a fingernail, Q-tip or pencil end.  Should this happen, be sure to contact us to come up with a repair plan.


It’s normal to have some discomfort during orthodontic treatment as your teeth move however it is unlikely to last longer than a couple of days. Rinsing your mouth with warm salt-water and over-the-counter pain relievers may alleviate some discomfort.  If the discomfort lasts longer than a couple of days, be sure to call Corinna St Orthodontics to discuss.

Mouth Ulcers

Some patients are susceptible to episodes of mouth ulcers.   While your braces do not cause the ulcers, they may be precipitated or exacerbated by an irritation from braces.  One or several areas of ulceration of your cheeks, lips or tongue may appear.  This is not an emergency but can be very uncomfortable.  Prompt relief may be achieved by applying a small amount of teething gel directly to the ulcerated surface using a cotton swab – reapply as needed.  If after a couple days the discomfort does not resolve, call Corinna St Orthodontics to discuss.

Irritation in Mouth

Sometimes braces or wires can be irritating to your mouth, especially when you are eating.   A small amount of orthodontic relief wax makes an excellent buffer between your braces and your mouth. Simply pinch off a small piece and roll it into a ball the size of a small pea.  Dry the irritating part of your braces with a tissue, flatten the wax ball and place it completely over the part of your braces causing the irritation.  Wax can be purchased at most pharmacies if you are unable to get some from Corinna St Orthodontics during this time.   ‘Extra’ chewing gum makes an excellent substitute for wax.

Protruding Wire

Occasionally the end of a wire can work itself out of place and irritate the mouth. Use a Q-tip or clean tweezer and try to push the wire so that it is flat against your tooth.  If the wire cannot be moved into a comfortable position, cover it with relief wax. Should changes with your wires occur during this time be sure to contact Corinna St Orthodontics to make us aware of your issue.

Loose Braces or Bands

If your braces or bands have come loose in any way, call or email Corinna St Orthodontics to determine appropriate next steps.

All of us at Corinna St Orthodontics wish you the best of health and a rapid moving on from COVID-19.   We apologise for this necessary disruption to your orthodontic journey and look forward to a resumption of ‘business as usual’ as soon as possible.


With kindest regards,

Sam Whittle and the entire Corinna St Orthodontics team.



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